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Parent Self-Care Activities in Cheltenham

Looking for something to do with little ones in tow in Cheltenham just got easier. Cheltenham Rocks has launched a Parent Self-Care directory to help you get out the house and do something for you - we all know how important that is and how hard it can be when you have a new baby or toddler with you.

It’s early days and we’re still adding listings but whether your thing is a full workout or a leisurely walk in the park we’ve got something for you. Fancy something more chilled why not join the choir group? Maybe you need a little emotional support as a new parent or fancy something business related to get the brain ticking over again... that’s there too. And it’s not all mums…there’s even a dad’s club.

To kick us off, here’s the lowdown on what’s in the directory for some inspiration…


• One Fit Mama, For Mums, Cost: Over £5
Exercise programmes to help mums get fit and healthy and help their postnatal bodies recover safely all whilst baby or toddler is with you. View listing >

• Bump to Babies Pilates, For Mums, Cost: Over £5
Gentle classes for parents to strengthen core and back, help with pelvic floor and posture. Provides stretches and at the same time parents can interact with their baby. View listing >

• Buggyfit, For Mums, Cost: Over £5
A strengthening/toning workout for mum with buggy in tow for the whole body and some aerobic activity - how much you do is up to you. View listing >

• Baby Barre, For Mums, Cost: Over £5
Ballet inspired toning using baby as a weight and tool to work around. View listing >

• Healthy Balance Fitness, For Mums, Cost: Over £5
Low impact, mat based Pilates movements that can assist in repairing pregnancy related symptoms such as diastasis recti, rebuilding and strengthening your pelvic floor and core muscles.

• Fit Fab Mums, For Mums, Cost: Over £5
Pilates and body conditioning classes that are fun and effective to suit all levels of postpartum.

• Studio 13 Postnatal Yoga, For Mums, Cost: Over £5
Mama & baby postnatal class. The aim of this class is to give mum a really good hour of postnatal yoga with baby on the mat (no nursery rhymes!). View listing >

Health & Wellbeing

• Emmanuel Postnatal Group, For Mums, Cost: Under £5
All about mums with babies coming along side each other, making new friends in a safe space with regular guests who come and talk or give free demos on postnatal fitness, first aid, self-care, returning to work, baby massage, weaning and much more. View listing >

• PANDA’s, For Mums and Dads, Cost: Free
A warm, welcoming peer support group for mums, dads and expectant parents coping with perinatal mental illnesses and those in need of a little extra emotional support. The group offers a safe space to talk, ask questions and meet others who understand while little ones play.

• Trinity Refresh, For Mums, Cost: Free
Aiming to give mums in particular a couple of hours to take some time out to feel refreshed & restored with coffee & cake, an optional crèche and activities from crafts to dance, massage and more. View listing >

Mission Thrive, For Mums and Dads, Cost: Over £5
Empowers people to thrive using positive psychology. Kicking off with a self-care masterclass working out which self-care techniques truly work for you, your life, your likes and dislikes and your needs. View listing >

Other Fun Stuff

• Melody Mamas, For Mums and Dads, Cost: Over £5
Adult choir, child friendly. Kids play but it’s all about the adults. Uplifting warm ups and signing together. View listing >

• Cinebabies, For Mums and Dads, Cost: Over £5
Exclusive screenings for parent and babies with buggy store, nappy changing facilities, dimmed lights and the sound turned down slightly so you can enjoy your movie with baby in arms. View listing >

• Push It Real Good, For Mums and Dads, Cost: Free
A friendly invigorating meander around Pitville Park. An opportunity to take your bump, baby or small person to have a coffee and a chat with the added bonus of some light exercise and mood-enhancing fresh air. View listing >

Dad’s Club

Who Let the Dads Out, For Dads, Cost: Under £5
A great club for dads to really come together and meet like-minded dads. It’s a win-win situation for dads and children to have fun and build new friendships. View listing >

If you know of any more parent self-care activities or events in Cheltenham that we're not talking about, get in touch and let us know. Community listings are free.

Beth, February 2018