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When you go to the Cheltenham and Gloucester OneFitMama classes run by Annelize your specialist Antenatal and Postnatal Instructor, and also a Personal Trainer, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Their programs are up to date, evidence based and designed by a Leading Womens Physio Therapist and an Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialists to help mums get fit and healthy and help their postnatal bodies recover safely all whilst your baby or toddler is there with you.


12.40pm (Baby)
1.35pm (Toddler)

First session is free, then £5 for classes after.

* Book a spot using the email link at the bottom of the page *

One Fit Mamas main focus is NOT about loosing weight or beasting mums. Its about the postnatal recovery of what they like to call your 4th trimester, to help fix and restore your body. Its about self care for mums without needing to arrange childcare! And its to help you feel fit and healthy and yes as a bonus maybe loose some weight too.

What is great about their programs is that they are suitable for all fitness levels and the circuit based exercises are designed to work at your own fitness level. Annelize is also an expert in Antenatal and postnatal fitness and how it effects the body including complications like PGP, PSD, Diastasic Recti etc. and know which exercises to avoid and how and when to modify an exercise for mums. Or if you are a mum that wants beasting, well Annelize is known to be able to help make exercises harder for you once your body is ready.

If you still feel nervous its worth knowing that Annelize also just won OneFitMama Instructor of the year voted by the mums who have and are attending her classes. Words that was used by the mums attending her classes to describe her: dedicated, caring, professional and motivational.

Essential info:

What age of children can be taken along to the class?
Baby class: Baby up to walking (up to 3 toddlers in a baby class and older school age welcome during school holidays)
Toddler class: all ages from walking

Is there parking? Yes
Is there buggy access? Yes
Are there changing facilities? Yes
What to bring/what’s provided? Playmats for baby provided. Mamas need to bring water

Open hours

Wednesday12.40 (Baby) 1.35 (Toddler)