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Tucked away in a side street behind Pate’s Grammar School, this is a little, enclosed play area for toddlers. Little is the operative word here, as there are just two swings (one is a toddler swing) and two sit on rockers.

There’s also a small, grassy area, perfect for a picnic or snack stop, or even for a mini game of football. There are a couple couple of benches too. There is free, on street parking (GL51 0EZ). There are no toilets or refreshments on site, but there’s a Nisa and a chip shop just down the road (on Hester’s Way Road) if you need supplies!

 I’d say that this one really only lends itself to a quick pit stop if you’re passing anyway or if you would just like a little bit of variety from your normal play area.

Play area info from Steph, Honey and Ace ♡ Follow their adventures on Instagram or the StephLovesHoney website.

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