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With Tatty and Baby Bumpkin we are bendy, giggly, clever and strong!

This is our second time round of doing Tatty Bumpkin Yoga classes. The first was over 3 years ago with my little girl; we loved it so much she even had Tatty for her 1st birthday party!

So when my little boy was born in July, I just knew that this would be the first class we would sign up to again.


Tatty offers Yoga inspired fun classes, that encourage movement and enhance and develop flexibility, as well as promoting wellbeing and encouraging children to be Bendy, Giggly, Clever and Strong!

The franchise was founded in 2004 by mum and yoga teacher, Sam Petter. The classes are suitable for babies from the age of 6 weeks right up to 7 years of age. Which is great if you have children of varied ages as they offer family weekend classes too.

Tatty Bumpkin, the star of the show, is the character at the centre of the original stories and music written by Sam Petter and her team of paediatric physiotherapists, Yoga teachers, musicians and educationalists.

The classes are tailored to your child’s developmental stage and incorporate music, story-telling and postures inspired by Yoga:

Baby Bumpkin classes are for babies 0-2 years to aid development, relaxation and bonding. When they start to move around they will move into the explorer classes.

Tatty Bumpkin is the interactive class for children from 2-7 years aligned to the early years curriculum.
The classes start with Andrea – otherwise know as Tatty, greeting all the babies with the tatty doll, the babies seem to love this and really interact with it. You will then stretch and do small exercises to the bendy, giggly song which is great fun and really gets them laughing.

Each class follows a set pattern that sees you wake up on wobble farm (this involves little snores which earns more laughs) and then uncurling them with a cocka-doodle-doo noise, With yoga inspired moves they will then pour out the porridge – tipping leg style moves, and stirring the porridge – which uses core strength.

When ‘Breakfast’ is finished you set off on your adventure. You leave the giggle tree on wobble farm and through a series of movements and props Tatty will tell you a story.


The classes are a great way of getting babies to use different parts of their bodies, encourage tummy time in fun and playful ways, and really build up their core strength which in turn will aid rolling, crawling and eventually walking.

Andrea is wonderful and I love her style of teaching. She always has really useful nuggets of information about your babies’ growth, and always seems to know when they are going through a ‘leap’ and when they will learn to do something.

The award winning programme is delivered across the UK as private classes and also in nurseries, pre-schools, children’s clubs, after-school clubs, parties, festivals, fact Tatty Bumpkin can take place anywhere where there are children waiting to have fun.

If you are looking for a fun, informative and friendly class for your baby /child then Tatty is the one for you. You can find more information on the classes that Andrea has to offer on the website here.

See you at Wobble Farm

Frankie x