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Renting a Christmas Tree from Primrose Vale

If you're gearing up to deck the halls, how about renting a Christmas tree from Primrose Vale, Cheltenham. Their tree rental scheme runs from the beginning of December, and visitors can head along to pick their tree to take home (or have delivered) and even reserve the same tree for next year, meaning your Christmas tree can become a regular feature of your family Christmas.

Christmas Tree rentals start at £25 for a 3' tree (going up by £5 increments thereafter), there is a deposit of £15 for rentals which you can leave with Primrose Vale to keep your same tree and collect (just a little taller!) next year. The delivery option is £10 each way.

Cheltenham dad Gavin Garthwaite popped along to Primrose Vale to pick up his tree over the weekend with the family and has shared his experience and tips below.

"Renting a Christmas tree is something I'd not heard of before, so this was an experience I've been looking forward to with intrigue.

My partner Andrea and I have two children between us, both 5 years of age, and they had their hearts set on selecting a Christmas tree that was the biggest and best available (children, eh)! We had always used an artificial Christmas tree so to opt for something a bit more authentic, and environmentally friendly, by renting were really good plus points.

I knew beforehand that the tree size I was looking for was going to either be 6/7 ft so I was able to borrow my father’s work van, whilst Andrea followed me in a car with the kids. I would recommend that if you are going for a similar size that you would need a van, or alternatively delivery and collection are £10 each way- which is a handy option if needed.

Once there, we parked up (plenty of parking spaces available) and went to the Farm Shop where we were pointed into the direction of where the Christmas trees were situated.

There was plenty of help on-hand with a number staff and once I explained that we wanted to go down the rental route, advice was provided in terms of what range of trees we should select from and the different sizes that were available.

The children were in their element at this stage and after some deliberating, they selected their favourite from all the shapes and sizes (and there are lots!). I went to inform a member of staff we were ready, instructing the kids to 'guard the tree'. The tree was then taken to the payment point, where it was also wrapped to make transportation smooth and as mess-free as possible.

Complementary tea and coffee was available whilst we paid, which I took full advantage of as a big tea drinker, and we even manged to bag an additional bargain as some Christmas tree lights were discounted at just £4.00.

My 7ft Christmas tree was £45 plus a deposit to pay of £15, which is returned once you bring the tree back to the venue. You can opt to leave the deposit with Primrose Vale and for next year this would guarantee rent the same tree, albeit a bit bigger!

All that was left to do was to take our tree, which was placed in a trolley designed to look like a sleigh, so I was left to pull the tree (and two children) along the footpath, back to the car park. I must stress that help is on hand, but just to ensure the children felt as involved as possible- I opted to pull the trolley myself, much to their enjoyment.

I also took my younger brother with me to help with getting the Christmas tree in and out of the van and whilst we were taking care of this, the kids played in the play area for a short while to burn a bit of energy.

Although it was quite a bitter morning, the children were wrapped up warm and this added to what was a good hour’s visit and well recommended festive family activity if you're yet to buy your Christmas tree."

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