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Music, movement and multi-linguists: 6 Cheltenham Preschool Sessions Starting Up This September

Winter is coming and so too are the dwindling opportunities for outdoor fun times, park picnics and the trips to the Lido. Thankfully, Cheltenham is home to a huge variety of groups and classes for under 5s to keep boredom at bay. Here are 6 great Cheltenham classes to burn of a little energy and help boost your child's development and skills:

Little Signers Club

Help your little one to become a capable and confident communicator before they say a word with baby sign language classes from Little Signers Club. Little Signers are proud to be transforming childhood by providing families with an simple and effective way to enhance baby and toddler communication skills. You’ll be surprised at how easy (and enjoyable) understanding your pre-verbal child can be.

Little Signers Club runs both complete Baby Sign courses (6 weeks long) and fun drop-in sessions (Sing, Sign & Rhyme) held at The Reddings Community Centre. Suitable for ages 3 months to 3 years.

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Pyjama Drama

Discover new worlds through the imagination of your children. Pyjama Drama are dedicated providers of drama, pretend, and role-play sessions for children age 2 to 5 years - the perfect age for learning more about the world around them through play.

Each structured class is delivered by a talented teacher who knows how to cleverly mix improvisation with direction – allowing children to develop skills in communication, co-operation, creativity, empathy, and understanding. Forget any pressures for young pretenders to ‘perform’ to a certain standard, it’s all about having fun! Classes are available at Play Farm and Holy Apostles.

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Boogie Beat

If you’re looking for a music and movement class in Cheltenham, check out Boogie Beats and watch as you see your child’s imagination come alive. If only we all knew how to let loose like a toddler!

Boogie Beats combines music, movement, and carefully structured learning to create a class which helps your child to: build confidence, improve coordination and up their social skills. Plus, they’ll uncover a new-found way to express themselves and make you smile while they’re at it. Classes take place in Winchcombe, Bishops Cleeve, and Hatherley. Suitable for ages 6 months to 4 years.

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Babel Babies

Get ready to say ‘Ahlan!’, ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Ciao!’ at Babel Babies multilingual music classes. These stimulating and diverse language sessions will help you and your child explore different languages from across the globe – from French to Arabic, Portuguese to Japanese.

Delivered as a fun 30-minute session, Babel Babies classes have been developed by expert linguists and language teachers to provide gentle yet exciting learning opportunities tailored to your child’s stage of development.

Pick from Babel Babies (birth to walking) or Babel Bambinos (walking to pre-school).

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Rugby Tots

Time to let your littlies tackle a new challenge? Rugby Tots are an innovative sports programme designed to take your pre-schooler on a journey of sporting imagination. With their own sports coach, they’ll be taught how to catch, pass, kick, run, and play as part of a team – just like a mini pro.

Forget the full force of the real game, Rugby Tots is about having fun. These structured play sessions are designed to keep kid’s energy levels and enthusiasm high – both for parents and children alike. Give it a try. Sessions available from age 2-7 years.

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Tumble Tots

Imagine the relief when your toddler starts getting their rough and tumble needs satisfied outside of the living room? No more pummelled couches and chipped furniture. Tumble Tots provide a safe space for youngsters to let off steam and develop their physical skills – boosting balance, agility, co-ordination and climbing abilities.

Each weekly session combines fun, movement, and the use of Tumble Tots brightly coloured equipment. You can trust both babies and pre-schoolers are in safe hands too, with a specially qualified team of staff able to help your child get the best out of their ‘gym’ time.

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