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Hatherley Park Crush

Whilst I love the new facilities at the Pittville Park play area, visiting with my two young boys is usually a pretty stressful experience. It’s always so, so busy and keeping an eye on an excited toddler who can run faster than me is a tricky business. Even if I can contain him in the toddler play-zone there is that crazy bridge to contend with. (If you’ve not encountered the spot I’m talking about, it can be identified by the group of concerned parents leaning over to try and guide/lift/cajole their little one across a slatted chain bridge.)

For a change this week, we went to Hatherley Park and a good time was had by all. We've been lots before but somehow it felt more suitable than ever on our most recent visit (I have an 11 month old and a 2 and a half year old). It was so relaxed in fact, I actually managed to get some pics of the equipment (see below). If you’ve got pre-schoolers and haven’t discovered Hatherley Park yet, I recommend a visit. Here’s why:

The play area has just one entrance/exit. This is particularly helpful during that stage where you’re keen to give them more independence but can’t be sure that they’re not going to bolt from the exit furthest from you and steal someone’s picnic/pick up the nearest dog poo/jump in the lake - before you can shuffle over there. This feature is also golden if you’ve got two as the baby swings are right by the exit, so you can effectively stand guard, swing your youngest and watch your toddler.

There is free on-road parking at both entrances. There’s entrances on Bournside Road and Hatherley Court Road with parking next to each. A real bonus is that you don’t have to cross any roads to get from your car to park.

There’s ducks! The lake area is really pretty and there’s lots of good spots for a bit of duck feeding. Although be warned, we went a bit later on a Saturday once and the ducks we’re not interested at all!

As well as the toddler play area there’s also some equipment for older kids (which is next to the toddler area) plus a basketball ring that’s seen better days (but also better shooters to be fair).

Hatherley Park
Hatherley Court Road/Bournside Raod
GL51 3AQ

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