Cheltenham Rocks

Half Term Saviour - Get the Cheltenham Rocks 'App' today

We think Cheltenham Rocks is a handy thing to have around any day but it paricularly comes into its own around school holidays when the kids are off for long periods and you need amusement ideas, fast.

The new website has been made especially for mobiles, so you can find suitable things to do with your family in just a few clicks.

Here's how you can get Cheltenham Rocks on your phone just like an app so it's easy to find things to do with the family, anytime, without having to search out the website.

Follow these steps to never be more than one touch away from the definitive family guide to things going on in Cheltenham.

Android Users

Visit in your phone's browser (i.e. Google Chrome). Use the 3 dots at the top of the page and click 'Add to Home Screen'.

iPhone Users

Visit in your phone's browser (i.e. Safari). Use the share icon at the bottom and click 'Add to Home Screen'.

Note, if you're visiting from Facebook or Twitter you will first need to open the page in your browser which can be done using the icon at the bottom.

You can do this with any website you love to save having to search it out each time.