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The First Day of Holiday Club - Mini Marines

As the summer holidays draw nearer, the prospect of six weeks without school will be filling many parents with dread. For lots its the lack of structure or outlet for active kids, and for others its a worry over childcare when work is full on, or the boss hasn't quite been sold on the concept of your 12-week holiday proposal.

Thankfully Cheltenham has bunch of wonderful holiday clubs and camps happening locally with activities ranging from bushcraft, crafts and games to archery, swimming and cookery. There's no doubt that these clubs are jam-packed with fab activities to keep kids amused for hours, but how about that very first day?

We've caught up with Grant of Mini Marines Holiday Clubs to find out what goes on on a child's first day at their Club.

What age children do you have come along to Mini Marines? We have children ranging from 5 to 12, and it's a real mixture of boys and girls, from a range of schools locally.

What does a typical day look like? Each day is different, but every day has a good balance of fun and learning activities as well as physical exercise. We also help to build children’s confidence and team-working skills.

Do you have many first-timers at each session? There are usually a few newbies at each club which is great as it really helps them settle being on a first day with other first-timers - it doesn't take them long to settle into the group and mix with the regulars.

How does your team work differently with children when its their first time at the Club? We make a conscious effort to make every child feel welcome and at ease when joining us. Giving them extra support and keeping an eye on them whilst giving them praise and High Fives when possible :)

Are there any things you would like to say to parents thinking about sending their children to a holiday club for the first time? Don't be fazed to send your child to Mini Marines, our team is mainly made up of former serving military personnel and we have years of experience working in this setting. Safety and your child’s welfare are at the heart of what we do. And of course ensuring they have lots of fun and making new friends.

Find out more about this summer's Mini Marines Club and available dates here.

Feedback from local parents on their child's first day with Mini Marines Clubs:

“Kids came along for the first time today and had "the best day EVER"!!” Gill Mills

“My son (5) absolutely loved his first session today after not wanting to go this morning, he came home and told me it was better than school - he has learned so much and most importantly enjoyed socialising with new peers! He will be back.” Joanna Smallman

“My wee girl Indi came for the last day of the may week she is 4 and was the only girl there and also didn't know anyone. when she realised that she did not want to stay, when my husband came to pick her up he saw her running around completely involved and really enjoying herself. He left her to it and when he came to pick her up she would stop talking about what she did and how much she enjoyed it. she can't wait to go back in the summer holidays.” Hayley Thomas

“William came home buzzing after going to mini marines for the first time today telling me he can't wait to go back there again!! He's normally very unsure of new things and had gone with a friend but I've heard he was interacting with lots of different children and has been telling me all the things they got up to (which is normally unheard of!) great skills to learn in a really different environment - these are things our kids should be doing I would send him every day if I could thanks Dan for having him see you in the summer!!!!” Jennie Wain

“Sons first time today and he was full of all the fun that he had, he's already asking when he can go again!” Kira Stevens

Mini Marines is suitable for ages 5 - 14 years and is running at St Edwards School this summer holiday.

Prices: £25 per day or 5 days for £115

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