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We’re rejoicing in a rainbow of natural colour this summer, as we celebrate the important role wildflowers have in conservation. There will be a stunning array of wildflowers at Cotswold Farm Park from the start of July, with their ever-popular sunflowers also due to bloom in around mid-August.

The sunflower display is open 24th August – 5th September. The flower field is free to enter for all Farm Park visitors and campsite guests, or separate field-only tickets can be purchased. All tickets are bookable online, in advance from www.cotswoldfarmpark.co.uk. Cut stems will also be available to buy from the field.


Against the glorious backdrop of rolling Cotswold hills, our beautiful Flower Field display promises to provide the perfect setting for summer snaps and happy memories.

Climb the viewpoint bridge, follow the floral pathways and soak in the smells, sounds and views. All the while, learning a thing or two about wildflowers, bees, butterflies, insects and why conservation in our countryside is so important.

Which wildflowers will be on display?
Cornfield annuals, poppies, corn chamomile, cornflowers, corncockles and red campion will all be on show, varying slightly in their bloom time. Sunflowers will be accessible from July, but will bloom in around mid-August.

What is the price of entry?
The Flower Field will be FREE to enter for all Farm Park visitors and campsite guests during its opening dates. Cotswold Farm Park also have Flower Field Only tickets available for those who don’t wish to enter the Farm Park.

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