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Kick-a-Bout Fridays

Groups & Classes

Kick-a-Bout run kid's football classes weekly at Bournside School for children aged 4-10 years old.

All Kick-a-Bout sessions follow a suitable age/ability lesson plan focusing on fun and maximum participation for all children. For our younger groups the class is themed around popular children's stories and using pictures, toys and fancy dress. Children will be taking on exciting adventures with different parts of the story relating to different games helping them learn and become confident with a ball at their feet without realising it.

For our older age groups we keep the same fun element and children are given their own balls for faster personal development and maximum fun. Classes focus on more small sided 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 matches.


4-5 year olds = 4:20-5:05
6-7 year olds = 5:10-5:55
7-9 year olds = 6:00-6:45
9-11 year olds = 6:50-7:40

If your child hasn't been before and you would like to take them along to try the class we offer a trial - it costs £2.00 for 2 sessions.

Cost: £6.50 per session paid half or full termly

To book your place visit
Or contact / tel: 07876112444

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