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The Skin Trainer was created in 2020 by Jodi Holland.

Jodi wanted to provide a service that focused on the confidence and well-being aspect of the industry, as she realised just how closely the two were related after experiencing a lack of inclusion in the industry, and incomplete guidance on available treatments and products during and following her breast cancer diagnosis. With a vision of empowering people through the correct support and understanding, The Skin Trainer was launched.

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With her own personal experience of an array of skin concerns and conditions caused by illness, medication, lifestyle and environment, Jodi fully understands the negative impact that this can have on a person’s overall well-being, and takes a Holistic approach to her work, enabling her to incorporate science, indulgence & wellness into every bespoke package created just for you, including a simple, personal pharmaceutical or cancer – safe home care prescription to fully enhance the results of all in clinic treatments.

Addressing concerns such as Ageing, Acne, Pigmentation and Rosacea, Hair Restoration, surgical Scarring & Stretchmarks, Jodi has sought the leading brands in the industry to offer clinically backed results to her loyal clientele.

Just one client is seen on an individual basis at any given time, for a completely bespoke one to one service, ensuring full protection and privacy of clients at all times.

We provide you with your own personal skin trainer. A trusted, knowledgeable mentor, to guide and support you through your ultimate skin health journey.

To be able to offer an educational service, whilst also providing you with solutions and absolute indulgence, you can guarantee this will be your new favourite place!

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