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Let Natalie look after your pets whilst you're away.

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Services & Prices

Introductory Meet & Greet (Free!)

Before I do a home visit, I like to do an introductory meet and greet first. This gives me the chance to say hello to your pet (and you!), get them a little used to me, and to learn in-person anything specific I need to know about their needs or your home. It's also a great opportunity for you to ask me any questions and get to know me a little. And the best bit? It's free! 

30 Min Home Visits

I like to think of home visits as little 30 minute care packages for your pets. They are designed for those times when you're out or away and need someone to come in and give your fur babies some company, food, a toilet break or a run around in the garden. They are especially good for the following:



Puppies need more frequent toilet breaks and feeding than adult dogs. They also need to learn to be left alone gradually, rather than all at once, and their walk times will be limited depending on their age. This means home visits are the perfect choice for them - and I can help tire them out while I'm with them too!


Reactive/fearful dogs

If your dog is reactive with other dogs and can't be walked at busy times of the day, or if you are working hard on changing your dog's behaviours and want to avoid any unplanned triggers, a run around in your garden can work as a happy medium to give them stimulation, company and a toilet break.


Female dogs in season

Walking your dog when she's in season can be stressful and you're likely to be avoiding busy times of the day to do so. Your dog may also not be allowed to go on her usual group walks with a dog walker. Home visits can make this time easier for you, removing all of the worry and inconvenience. 



If you're out for the day or away on holiday, home visits can break up the day for your cat, giving them some company and cuddles, as well as fresh water, food, cleaning of litter trays, brushing and anything else they need. Chin scratches included of course!


Elderly dogs

While many golden oldies still love a walk (albeit a slower-paced one!), if they've already had their exercise for the day, or if they're not up for a full walk and are just as happy with a sniff in the garden (followed by lots of back rubs), a home visit is the one for them.


All dogs!

Home visits aren't just for the dogs listed above. They're brilliant for any dog who needs a bit of company, a feed or a toilet break while you're out. If you're going to be away from the house for over 4 hours, booking a home visit means you can take your time, knowing your dog has had their needs met and is being well looked after.


Dogs who don't like being alone

Having a dog of my own who struggles being left alone, I know how important it is to find someone to keep her company if I'm going to be out for longer than she can handle. A home visit can provide that company, breaking up their time spent alone and giving you more time out of the house.


Injured or post-op dogs

Dogs that are injured or have just undergone an operation (such as spaying or neutering) might need a break from their usual walkies while they recover. A home visit is a great alternative, providing them with company, stimulation and a toilet break - plus, peace of mind for you knowing they're being checked in on.

Home security

Although my main reason for doing home visits is to take care of people's fur babies, these visits are also a good opportunity to make your home look lived in while you're away. This can include anything from opening and shutting curtains to taking the bins out and bringing in post. 


30 Min Home Visit (Standard)

Monday - Friday 

(8am - 6pm)


30 Min Home Visit 

(Out Of Hours)

Monday - Friday

(Before 8am, After 6pm)

Weekends & Bank Holidays


NB: While I primarily offer a home visits service, I do sometimes do walks (and am absolutely happy to do a short stroll around the block on any home visit!) and longer periods of petsitting when requested. I like to keep things flexible to suit the needs of your pet, so please just ask if 30 min home visits aren't enough for your pet and I'll do my best to help. 

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