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My name is Emily and I own Markham Jewels, a bespoke  jewellery company. I have always been interested in helping people and having suffered myself from anxiety. I found I could combine my passion for jewellery and supporting people’s wellbeing by mixing natural gemstones such as lava beads.

Natural lava is porous and by adding essential oils I can bring together beauty and healing.

Lava on its own is said to ground you, but by adding just a drop of essential oil to one bead the benefits are believed to reduce anxiety, help with depression and provide relief from insomnia to name but a few. I discovered it definitely helped my own anxiety and so Markham Jewels was born.

Since I started Markham Jewels I have become interested in silversmithing and have done several courses to combine this further.
All our findings are Sterling Silver plated, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold or Gold. I make all jewellery to order so each piece fits perfectly and can be designed in any colour and design.

Please check out my page for more information.

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