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Cheltenham-based artist Jessica Bleasby creates contemporary art, either on an original, print or custom commission basis.

Jessica's large abstract oil paintings will create a real statement in your home. As well as creating dramatic abstract oil paintings her Colour Bean and Rainbow series are guaranteed to brighten any room and are the perfect gift. Available framed or unframed, from £45 signed.

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Abstract Oil Paintings

Jessica predominantly works in oils, producing paintings that celebrate and explore the endless technical possibilities of the painting process. She is known to combine contrasting painting techniques to produce works that display expressive, rugged and gestural qualities. creating abstract backgrounds with depth and intrigue. 

Colour beans
My colour bean paintings are incredibly therapeutic to make. There is something satisfying about making a seemingly small and insignificant mark add up to something much larger and more beautiful. I like to think of each mark as an individual amongst the masses. I liken the marks to people and the population.

They are about isolating one aspect of the painting process (mixing colours) and creating a system that allows me to simply explore as many colour variations and relationships as I can. I’m painting rows of individually mixed coloured brush marks to fill a white page. The process is very simple yet the possibilities are endless. There are so many colours and tonal variations and when mixing spontaneously no one artwork or row will ever be the same.