Is That Banana Loaded?


  • Children
  • Adults




I am based in Teddington, Gloucestershire.  During March 2020 lockdown I invented and produced a new family friendly dice and card game Is That Banana Loaded?®.

The perfect small Christmas present available for £7.99 including postage.

Is That Banana Loaded?® is the perfect dice and card game for you if you like collecting crazy weapons and battling with friends and family to win the Gold.

Once a player has stolen Gold from the Goblin it is a frenzy of battles between players to steal Gold and weapons from each other before the winner gets home. Each player collects the best weapon they can from one of 16 crazy ones available like cactus and handbag. To battle throw the dice and see who gets the best score calculating any weapons, shields or injuries.

2-5 players. Family friendly for all ages 5+.

What people have said about the game:

🎲🍌🎲"This card game is soooooo much fun! All 3 of our kids (and us adults) love it!!"

🎲🍌🎲"If you love games like UNO etc you will love this."

🎲🍌🎲"My kids love this game."

🎲🍌🎲"I love it. It's a really cool game."

🎲🍌🎲"Played three times in a row...loved it!"

🎲🍌🎲 "Great fun!"

🎲🍌🎲"Great game and simple to understand."

Available to buy direct by emailing or eBay (links below)