Is That Banana Loaded?®


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During 2020 lockdown, at my home in Gloucestershire, I invented a card game to entertain my kids in spare time from my IT job.

We had so much fun we decided to produce the game together as a family for others to enjoy.  It has since sold around the world following a successful crowd funding campaign.  More recently it has featured on Radio Gloucestershire and is now stocked in 18 toy and gift shops across the South West.

Is That Banana Loaded?® is a family friendly silly weapon dice and card game.

Now available for £7.99.

The aim of the game is to get Home with the Gold which someone has to first steal from the Goblin.  

Players in turn take a card to collect the best weapon they can from over 20 silly weapons available like Cactus, Spoon and Banana to prepare for the frenzy of battles that awaits them against Monsters and other players. 

Players battle by throwing a dice and calculating weapons, injuries and special items to see who wins.  

Some weapons can be combined with each other to make stronger weapons  - for example Slingshot & Spoon, Handbag & High Heels and the Bow & Plunger.  

Watch out for Monsters, Sinking Sand, Holes and don't pick up the dreaded Unlucky Pants.

Collect special items to heal, protect and help you in battle like Magic Potion, Lucky Pants, Helmet and Shield.

2-5 players. Family friendly for all ages 5+.

Contents: 66 cards, dice and instructions.

Made and printed in the UK.  The cards are high quality and professionally printed on 310gsm playing cards sealed and coated both sides on laminated paper.

Click here to purchase (£7.99)

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What people have said about the game:

🎲🍌🎲 "Fab game, we've played a lot this Christmas and it's given us lots of laughs."

🎲🍌🎲 "I love this game, I've had hours of fun."

🎲🍌🎲"This card game is soooooo much fun! All 3 of our kids (and us adults) love it!!"

🎲🍌🎲"If you love games like UNO etc you will love this."

🎲🍌🎲"My kids love this game."

🎲🍌🎲"I love it. It's a really cool game."

🎲🍌🎲"Played three times in a row...loved it!"

🎲🍌🎲"Great fun!"

🎲🍌🎲"Great game and simple to understand."

For those looking for even more fun the Monkey edition expansion pack is now available for £4. 

12 exciting new cards including the Pet Monkey, Tornado, Amnesty and Firework.  Click here to purchase.

Thank you for your support.