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  • All the family
  • Under 5s
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Heading out of Cheltenham via Cleeve Hill, turn left opposite the golf club and park in the lay-by on Wickfield Lane.

Take the footpath next to the farm and you will see a woodland to your left, where there are stick dens to explore and woodland treasures to be found! Once you have finished exploring the woodland, hop back on to the footpath and turn right when you reach the clearing (currently a building site). You can then follow the path round to the left  and walk in a loop, taking in the views, looking out for birds of prey and hoping to see some farm machinery in the newly built barn. 

After the barn, continue the loop by following the path round to the left. Head through the field (stunning views for a picnic/snack stop), over the style and make your way through the woods. When you emerge, there will be a stone wall to your right and if you follow it, eventually you will come to a stone style that takes you into the field with the digger pictured above! Come out of the field and continue along the path to get back to your car.

Factoring in time for unpredictable little legs, playing in the woods and stopping for snacks, this walk usually takes us around 2.5-3 hours. 

Parking in the lay-by is limited, so have a backup plan incase you can't park there (e.g. head for a walk on Cleeve Hill instead). There are no toilets en route and there's nowhere to buy refreshments, so go prepared! An off road buggy may cope ok with the walk (but will have to be lifted over the styles), but a sling or carrier would definitely be more practical!

Walk info from Steph, Honey and Ace ♡ Follow their adventures on Instagram or the StephLovesHoney blog.

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