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Time: approx 1 hour
Pushchair friendly? No

Parking: in the layby at Ellenborough Park entrance (space for about 8 cars, so can get busy), or in Southam. You need to walk across the main road (the B4632 to Winchcombe) to reach the footpath that runs alongside Bentley Lane.

"You have two options at the start of the walk, either to go over the stile and up through the field of cows, or to walk up the more narrow path (which follows the Cheltenham Challenge route). Both lead you into the lovely wooded area with plenty of things to explore, including fallen trees, huge fungi to spot growing up high, lots of bird song, a rope swing, and slopes to scramble up. There are quite a few opportunities for children to feel very adventurous as they can go up one path, and parents can go along a parallel route that joins up, so you're never very far away but for our clan (age 9, 8, and 4) it feels like they are being explorers!

We usually turn left and exit the wood over the stile to get to Sunset Lane, which makes a nice neat circuit back to the main road and the car.

The whole route takes us about an hour as we meander and look for wildlife, have a snack, and play at the rope swing. You could easily do it more quickly, or take longer.

It is not suitable for pushchairs, but you could take a baby in a sling if you are prepared for a bit of low-hanging woodland and jumping over small streams"

Cate Hamilton is a mother of three under ten, and founder of Babel Babies. Find her on Instagram @cateh_inc and as @babel_babies.

From Emily Collett

"There is a lovely walk just outside Cheltenham. Parking available in the lay-by just outside Ellenborough Park Hotel. Cross the road and go over the stile. Steep walk up the hill, but beautiful views across Cheltenham and the racecourse are definitely worth it!

At the top of the hill there is a lovely woodland which is an amazing bluebell spot in spring. You can do a lovely circular walk through the woods back down the hill, discovering hidden dens and hideouts on the way. Walk back across the fields where you will more than likely find cows and sheep to entertain the little ones on the last legs of the walk! Not suitable for pushchairs. My 3 year old can walk it. Total walk time with a just turned 5 and 3 year old, 1-1 and half hours with stops and breaks to search for bugs!"


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