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Paint, share, hide and find rocks around Cheltenham

Kindness rocks are painted then hidden (either really well or in plain sight!) for someone else to find. The idea is that a little treasure left by a stranger can really brighten someone's day!

To take part in this activity, join the Chelt Rocks Facebook group, where you can get clues as to where some painted rocks might be hiding then head out with the kids to find them.

Raining? The perfect time to paint your own rocks ready to hide next time you're out for someone else to find.

Rocks can be kept, traded with friends, given as gifts or rehidden. All we ask is that you have fun and play fair, so please don't hoard all the rocks and try to replace some that you keep with more for others to find.

Artistic skills and expensive kit is not required, info on how to get started off can be found on the Facebook group.

Sometimes clues will be posted as to where rocks are, sometimes not.

Good luck!

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