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If you fancy exploring Nut Hill, which is a Woodland Trust site between Cheltenham and Gloucester, here’s what you need to know:

Parking? I parked in a lay by opposite Coopers Edge School. There were no parking restriction signs, but please check signs on the day, just incase! You can also access the hill from the Bowden Hall car park.

How long? I recorded it as 3.17 miles and it took us 2 hours (including mud wading, tree climbing and play pit stops).

What's the route? In simple terms, we turned left as we entered the field, then followed the footpath until it forked off to the righting the middle of the field. Once at the top of that section, we walked along the road until we reached the Woodland Trust gate them climbed the final part of the hill. 

From the top, we walked down through the woodland, followed the driveway out of the hotel grounds and then immediately turned right to get back on the footpath. From there we followed the footpath (keeping right at the next fork) along the edge of the field and back to the car.

The route we followed was a circular route from the Hucclecote Parish Council website (you can also learn the history of the structures at the top of the hill on their website).

Buggy friendly? In a word, no! Baby carrier all the way. You could do parts of the route with a buggy on a dry day.

Walk info from Steph, Honey and Ace. Follow their adventures on Instagram.

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