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Swap instead of shop! Lush Cheltenham is proud to announce the first ever in-store clothes swap! Clothes swaps are a great way to cut down on your carbon footprint and reduce waste, while freshening up your wardrobe!

On Wednesday 7th August, 7pm - 8pm, the store will be open for guests to come and swap the garments and accessories they no longer need with each other, rather than throwing them away or buying new.

How it works:

  • Bring your clothing donations into store (before Sunday 4th August) and for each item of clothing you donate we will give you 1 swap token, or for each accessory you will receive a 1/2 swap token.
  • On the night, entry to the event will be a £2 Charity Pot donation; and you will need to bring your tokens so that you can exchange them for the same number of items of clothing/accessories.
  • Refreshments at the event will be kindly provided by T2 (the Promenade).
  • Don’t forget, clothing donations will only be accepted at the store before Sunday 4th August.

Wednesday 7th August

7pm - 8pm

£2 entry (charity pot donation)

Open hours