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Join Claire for a fun education through craft session. We will be making Grass or veg head people together in our session and Claire will be showing you how you can also grow your own mini garden over the Easter break in preparation for our next session when we will turn them into jungles, fairy gardens and much more!

Monday 30th March

10am - 10:30am

This will be a livestream on our facebook page on the date and time specified below. Please Like our facebook page Craft Classes at Beautiful Things and be there at the advertised date and time.

For this part of the class you will need an old pair of tights (1 leg) an elastic band or some cotton. A pair of googly eyes, (buttons or milk bottle tops and a sharpie will also work). A piece of red pipe cleaner for a mouth. (Red or White Funky foam, or a washed up white plastic food container and a red sharpie will also work), PVA/School glue (or a hot glue gun or super glue if parents are supervising) pair of scissors and a clean jam jar or glass. Compost and some grass seed. *Another option, if you can't get seeds, is to save the tops of carrots, parsnips or root veg when you are preparing the Sunday roast. These will work to grow hair too.

For the garden (which you can make during the holidays) You will need a foil baking tin or a plastic seed tray. Some grass seed and some potting compost. You will also need a small plastic bowl or dish that fits inside (If you want to include a lake or pond in your garden at a later date). A washed-up microwave meal dish works well for this.

Mums and Dads, these sessions are designed to give you a break and allow the kids a spot of screen time that counts towards their education. Whilst I am not a qualified teacher I do have years of experience with crafts and will be involving my own children in these sessions as part of their homeschooling during the current Coronavirus outbreak.

You can find out all about the events in more detail and watch the replays here https://www.beautifulthingshq.com/free-online-craft-classes-for-kids-during-the-school-closure/

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