Jedi School (child-friendly)



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They have seen the movies and have always wanted the skills to become a Jedi, well now they can at JEDI SCHOOL! This special 3 class event is for 6-12 year old children who want to learn to become a Jedi! Train to get your Padawn certificate by mastering lightsabre skills, jedi combat and using the force.

Our packed 1 hour sessions will be amazing fun and teach the kids some really cool lightsabre skills, which will be tested in 'Jedi showdowns'. Will they turn to the dark side by the end of the event, only they can decide! The fun soft play environment means the children can literally throw themselves into their training!

Classes will be held at the CDA Academy on the 27th January, 3rd & 10th February 2018.

Saturday's at 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Tickets can be purchased from the website (link provided below) and cost £40 per child for the full 3 classes. If you cannot make all 3 dates then call Lee to discuss options: 07852 288654.

May the force be with you!

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