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Don't lose your sense of identity as you age, learn how to grow up (not older), with grace, security and adventure.

Making the best of middle age isn't as simple as most of us would like. Many women reaching the age of 40 will tell you, hitting middle age is the moment when you feel like you begin to fade from view. From the psychological side of feeling less significant in the world and battling ageism in the workplace, to the physical aspect of feeling like you no longer look like your youthful self.

In this series we will challenge the misconceptions and prejudices around ageing, as we welcome the incredibly witty Helen Wamsley Johnson, author of 'The Invisible Women', Tricia Cusden, founder of 'Look Fabulous Forever' and Susie Mackie, local business woman and inspirational founder of the movement 'Women of Spirit',a community that aims to inspire and empower women to develop a healthy sense of self and to know their true worth. This evening will be full of wit and vitality, that will reinvent ageing and teach you not how to avoid it, but how to enjoy it, grow with it, and thrive.

Thursday 12th September

7:30pm - 10pm

Price: £29 *includes welcome drinks and canapes

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