Fun Dog Show



  • All The Family
  • Under 5s
  • School Age
  • Adults






Head along to Montpellier Gardens this February for a fab, fun dog show.

Prize rosettes for top 3 in each class – winner in each class qualifies to be picked for Best in Show 2019.

1. Loveliest Lady, 12:30pm
2. Most Fabulous Fella, 12:45pm
3. Best Rescue Dog, 1pm
4. Best Paw Shaker, 1:15pm
5. Gorgeous Golden Oldie, 1:30pm
6. Cutest Puppy, 1:45pm
7. Waggiest Tail, 2pm
8. Quickest Sausage Catcher, 2:15pm
9. Dog Most Like its Owner, 2:30pm
10. Dog judges want to take home, 2:45pm
11. Best Trick, 3pm
12. Best six legs (including owner), 3:15pm

Please note that some heats will be very busy and due to time constraints we are limited to a maximum of 20 dogs per class. Rosettes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each class. Only 1st place winners in each class are eligible for best in show.

Saturday 16th February

Registration 10.30am - 12pm in the gallery. Classes start at 12.30pm. Times and classes may vary on day.

Price: First class is £2 then £1 after per dog. ALL PROFITS TO CHELTENHAM ANIMAL SHELTER.

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