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PARENTING WORKSHOP by Nationally Acclaimed Child Educational Psychologist, Dr Rob Long D.Ed.Psych.

Parenting Workshop...for New, Nursery and Primary School Parents

Who Taught you how to be a Good Parent? Do you want to Understand your Children Better? Parenting is probably the most important “job” we will ever undertake and yet when our innocent bundle of joy arrives, where are the manuals, directions or instructions..?

It’s not always easy bringing children into this world and giving them the best possible start in Life. Often personal and behavioural challenges can feel isolating and overwhelming, until we understand we are not alone. Thankfully, there are some tried and tested practices to help support and guide our children, defining how we can better respond to individual needs and most importantly raise confident, contented and emotionally resilient children.

Each Repeat Workshop will cover these key topics:

  • Self Esteem – well-being, resilience and mental health
  • Anger and Defiance – reasons and coping strategies
  • Communication – effective, loving and calm
  • Siblings – rivalry or partnership?

About Dr Rob Long (D.Ed.Psych.)

Dr Rob Long is a Chartered Educational Psychologist, recognised as one of the leading speakers in his field in the United Kingdom. He offers high quality training to schools and colleges as well as parents, teachers and other professionals who are concerned with social and emotional behaviour in children.

Rob has lectured for many years in Psychology and Sociology before working as an Educational Psychologist across the UK. He has managed Primary Behaviour Support Teams and Secondary schools in reviewing their behaviour management policies and practice. Rob has written several books to support this work for professionals, parents and carers. His training is renowned for its dynamic, humorous and insightful approach.

Tickets are £10 each or £17 for two with profits raised going to Dunalley Primary School. Please book via EVENTBRITE: Rob Long Parenting Workshop: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dr-rob-long-parenting-workshop-3-repeat-sessions-15-june-2019-tickets-61090669838. Suitable for parents of nursery and primary school children. Tickets cost £10 for one ticket, or £17 for two tickets.

Saturday 15th June

9:30am - 12pm / 12:30pm - 3pm / 3:30pm - 6pm

Tickets £10 / £17

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