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The family street fiesta with a difference!

Love hot chillies and think you have eaten the very hottest? The second Cheltenham Street Chilli Fiesta is here! On Saturday 1st June up to 15 chilli producers will have stalls in Cambray Place, in an event jointly organised by Cheltenham Business Improvement District (BID) and Chilli Fest UK.

As well as a huge range of chillies, there will be chilli sauces, chilli cheeses, chilli olives, a chilli BBQ and even a chilli artist and a chilli eating contest! The hottest chilli eating contest will be open to adults.

Saturday 1st June

10am - 5pm


From Cheltenhm BID

Cheltenham’s Street Chilli Fiesta is returning to the heart of the town for a third year.

The event, which attracted hundreds last year, will be taking place on Saturday June 1 from 10am at Cambray Place.

Visitors have the opportunity to try a selection of the country’s best chilli-based produce and buy a wide range of products from chilli cheese to live chilli plants.

This year’s fiesta will also see the return of the ‘Clash of the Titans’, an extreme eating competition which isn’t for the faint-hearted and for adults only. Starting from mild and flavourful the contestants work their way up the chilli heat list.

Last year’s winner, Shahina Waseem, came from London to take part and proved she could beat the heat earning her a place in the Clash of the Titans ‘Hall of Fame’.

The event is being organised jointly by Chilli Fest UK and Cheltenham Business Improvement District (BID).

Kevan Blackadder, BID Director, said: “This is one of our smaller but most popular events. It’s great to be able to buy something different in Cheltenham and then be able to visit the shops, restaurants and other businesses in the town.

“There will be some popular stalls returning and a great selection of new products from a variety of family-run businesses.”

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