Butterfly Conservation area, Cleeve Hill



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Time: flexible
Pushchair friendly? Off road pushchairs

Parking: park in one of the laybys along the road leading up to Cleeve Common car park, and then walk along to the sign for Upper Hill Farm. The footpath starts opposite the entrance to the farm. Word of warning: there will probably be a few cars passing you on the road, and there is no footpath until you leave the main road at the footpath.

This is a lovely little walk that includes a great view of Cheltenham, chance to spot some of the many butterflies, a wooded area, and opportunities for a longer walk if everyone is in the right mood. It's not so much about the distance, as about the chance to play and see the view, so it could be a short visit or a longer one, depending on the kind of day you are having. There is a rope swing in the wood that is suitable for older children, but our smaller ones enjoyed running up and down the slope next to it. We saw lots of lovely wildflowers too.

I haven't tried the route with a pushchair, but it could work if you have an off-road pushchair as there is a track down to the wood, and the wood itself is easy to navigate.

Cate Hamilton is a mother of three under ten, and founder of Babel Babies. Find her on Instagram @cateh_inc and as @babel_babies.

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