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Baby Music classes from Busy Lizzy encourage the development of baby’s musical appreciation as well as confidence within loving and familiar surroundings. Through singing and using instruments, these classes aid co-ordination, communication and motor skills. Baby Music seeks to bring out baby’s rhythm whilst having bags of fun at the same time. This class is appropriate for all little ones around 3 months old until they are walking.

• Baby Music classes visibly build confidence
• Enhances listening skills and co-ordination
• Encourages positive and co-operative interaction
• Develops language skills through singing and imitation
• A great chance for them to have fun with you, too!

Thursdays (from 19th March)

9.45am – 10.15am

Target Age: Mums with babies 3 months to walking

Cost: 1 free taster class then membership starting at £65 p/m for 8 classes p/m (used across timetable)

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