Cheltenham Rocks

St Lukes Church Hall

Venue Hire


  • 9am - 1pm
  • 2pm - 6pm
  • 7pm - 11pm

Charges paid per session:

  • Main hall £70
  • Small hall £39

Discount available for kids parties and charities.


* all entrances suitable for disabled people
* accessible toilet with facilities for disabled people, including a shower
* baby changing unit in this toilet
* a separate shower room
* the main hall and small hall are separated by a soundproof wall
* the Hall is Wi-Fi enabled with broadband Internet
* external bicycle rack
* During the evening and at weekends there are about 30 parking spaces for Hall users
* During the working day parking is more limited (about 9 spaces) , but there is a public car park and paid on-street parking nearby


* The Main Hall is approximately 50 x 30 ft / 15 x 9m with a hardwood floor.

* An Audio Visual System with 2.7m screen and 4 speakers. For video you will need to bring a laptop computer with connecting leads (HDMI or VGA + audio).
* Audio is available from a wireless microphone (please ask) or from a mobile phone or laptop using wireless (bluetooth) or wired connection.
* An audio induction loop is provided for the hard of hearing.
* Detailed instructions (posted next to AV system)

The lower level lighting in main hall can be controlled by dimmer switches to suit requirements.


The main kitchen has a serving hatch to the main hall and offers:

* extensive working surfaces
* double sink
* modern range cooker with two ovens
* commercial cooker hood / extractor fan
* commercial-grade dishwasher
* hot water dispenser for drinks
* refrigerator
* microwave oven
* coffee percolator (80 cups) (available on request)
* crockery and cutlery (100 plus items of each)
* kitchen utensils


* The Small Hall is approximately 30 x 20 ft / 9 x 6m and may be hired separately.
* It contains 2 tilt-topped tables (1400 x 800mm) that can be tilted and wheeled aside when not needed, and 12 comfortable chairs (6 of which can be stacked)
* The small hall can be divided into two rooms (for example dressing rooms) by means of a soft folding central partition, each room having its own door to the main hall.


A second small kitchenette close to the small hall has a microwave oven, coffee making facilities, and double sink, allowing users of the small hall to provide refreshments independently of the main hall and kitchen when required.


The Committee Room is approximately 13 x 9 ft / 4 x 2.7m and may be hired separately.


Gopak tables
* 10 large (1830 x 760mm) (approx 6ft x 2.5ft)with trolley
* 10 small (915 x 610mm) (approx 3ft x 2ft) with trolley
* Other tilt-topped tables in small hall (see above)

* Approx 85 fully upholstered folding chairs, with trolleys
* 12 chairs in small hall (see above)
* Additional wooden folding chairs available (by arrangement)

Other items
* Yamaha, seven octave digital piano
* Television aerial (licence needed)

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