Let The Good Times Roll - The Tavern Is Back


The Tavern is reopening its doors on Thursday 24th November with some exciting new menu items, old favourites and extended opening hours.

Many of us have missed The Tavern after it needed to close in May due to a fire. Since it opened in 2009 it has become a staple for people looking for food, drink and good times. Regular live music and DJs kept the after-party going strong, making it a one-stop venue for a night out.

The Tavern ReLoad is likely to go down well with fans, the menu is keeping some old favourites (hi, mac n cheese), and has added some interesting options including homemade Hog and Chilli Cheese burgers (served with dirty trimmings and alcohol shakes) plus ‘globally-influenced’ dishes such as Sticky Chicken Wings, Chorizo Scotch Egg and Squash & Grains Salad Bowl.

Tavern Menu2

(Looking over the menu there seems to be one crucial omission - shoe-string fries aren’t on there! Expect my change.org petition link soon.)

Helping me get over the lack of salty, deep-fried shoe-string delights is the ingenious ‘Sundae Service’ which invites guests to design their very own bespoke Sundae. You draw how you’d like your pud to be crafted (which will look just like a sketch from the Great British Bake Off probably), hand to your waiter and sit back whilst the kitchen puzzles over your drawing and hastily searches for Prosecco-flavoured ice-cream. ‘Sundae Service’ is available all day every day. Can’t wait to see some of the sketches and am looking forward to a social media gallery of the best ones soon.

Finally more big news is the launch of ‘Late Night at The Tavern’, Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 until 2am, with vinyl-only DJs, new cocktails and hard liquor. Someone pass the paracetamol…

The Tavern launch weekend is taking place from Thursday 24th – Sunday 27th November, with an open house policy allowing everyone to experience delicious food and great drinks.

PLUS everyone who books a table from Thursday evening through to Sunday evening will enjoy a round of free drinks for their table. (You must show your booking flyer).

To book call The Tavern 01242 221 212 or email reservations@thetaverncheltenham.com

Or book online here